CuisinePosted on 15.11.2018

Putting Mexican Dishes on the Map

There aren’t many things we love more in this world than Mexican cuisine. It’s sheer versatility and use of different vegetables make it the perfect choice for lunch or dinner. It’s hard to resist and we can certainly see why its popularity continues to grow. Mexican cuisine can be traced back 9,000 years and even then had similar ingredients to what is still used today – corn, beans, chia, tomatoes, avocado, agave, and chili pepper.

In celebration of Mexican food, we’re putting some of their most famous dishes on the map and all are ready to order on Just Eat – delivered to your office or door. So stay on your sofa and get that order in!


We couldn’t start this post without mentioning the burrito! It’s become a staple in the Irish food scene – also a favourite lunchtime treats for us when we place a cheeky order to the office. Classically, burritos in Mexico are simply just meat and fried beans – however, with it’s introduction to America there have been many additions to the humble burrito like some of our favourites, salsa, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. Burrito Loco is one of our go-to spots for burrito goodness – the beef brisket and pulled pork are definitely worth a try.


The perfect sharing dish and incredibly versatile. Nachos are a pretty delightful dish that you can order when you’re having friends round or fancy adding a cheeky side to your main Mexican dish. Again the original version of this dish was quite simply corn tortilla nachos, melted cheese, and jalapeno peppers. Of course, with time comes more options! Meat (like mince and chicken), guacamole, tomatoes, and salsa are common additions to our most loved Mexican side dish. Burrito Bros has Mexican cuisine down! Try some of their nachos on your next order, you won’t be sorry.


This cheesy goodness is almost too much to handle. It’s sheer beauty – we are not worthy! You will never experience such utter happiness than eating a quesadilla in peace. This dish at its simplest is a corn tortilla filled with cheese grilled – but as ever, many similar additions of meat, salsa, guacamole, tomato, and sour cream are very popular additions to personalise this dish! This is definitely a go-to order from El Patron if you’re tempted, their Mexican cuisine is mouth-watering.


Whether you’re a hard shell or soft shell kinda person – tacos stay winning either way. These are a perfect lunchtime order in our eyes, you can change up your taco order as many times as you like, there’s no wrong way to have a taco – so you’ll never get tired of this Mexican perfection. Bonus points for not having to use utensils on this Mexican dish either – what more could we ask for! Verde has some delish hard and soft shell choices that are bound to turn into your new favourite lunch order.


Probably not as common as the other dishes we’ve mentioned, but this baby still deserves a shoutout! If you’re not familiar; a taquito is a corn tortilla that is rolled up with mince or chicken and cheese in the middle and then deep-fried. To add flavour, once fried, typical toppings like guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and more cheese are added to complete the dish. Sounds pretty good to us! Discover all of the Mexican eats on Just Eat tonight.

Yikes, is it bad we want to order all of the dishes above! They all just sound so good! You can find countless Mexican restaurants on Just Eat that are ready to deliver this delish cuisine right to your door! Perfect for a cosy night in away from all this gloom! You. Are. Welcome!