CuisinePosted on 24.04.2019

Lebanese, Please!

It’s important to try new things. With so many cuisine types at our fingertips on Just Eat, we have no excuse for not venturing beyond our usual few orders and discovering something new! One cuisine we have been wanting to try is Lebanese – and try we did! This fresh and aromatic cuisine is full of delights and we’re going to take you through some of our favourite dishes that are definitely worth an order.

Absolute Aubergine Sandwich – Do Falafel

Do Falafel is a lunch favourite for us. We already talked about the delish Mezze Box, which you need to order for your next work lunch, you will be the envy of all your colleagues! And to add more envy why not try the Absolute Aubergine Sandwich! The falafel goodness is packed in with baba ganoush, aubergine, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, paired with your preferred sauce of chilli or tahini. We’re fans of both so you won’t be disappointed whichever you choose.

Kofta Be’laban – Damascus Gate

Sometimes it’s just nice to order a hearty dish that is full of flavour and comfort. Especially after a long week and it’s just, the sofa and your favourite show. The dream! The creamy goodness of Kofta Be’laban is not to be missed from Damascus Cafe. This is fast becoming one of our new favourite orders. Slow cooked seasoned lamb meatballs are served in a creamy yoghurt sauce with a side of vermicelli rice.

Fatoush Salad – Rotana Cafe

If you’re ever in need of a lunchtime pick-me-up and are in search of something, fresh, light and fruity look no further than the Fatoush Salad. This vegetarian mixed salad is tossed in lemon juice and olive oil. Served with crispy pitta bread, black olives and pomegranate, with a pomegranate dressing. We know, sounds like the perfect lunch. If you’d like to mix some poultry into your order the Chicken Mishwe could be a winner – charcoal grilled marinated chicken with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. Served on a bed of Lebanese rice and topped with parsley, onion and tahini sauce.

Loubiye Bil Zet – Jerusalem

This is a refreshing and simple dish that would be perfect for a lunchtime session with the team or even a cheeky night in by yourself. This dish is also vegetarian, vegan and dairy free, so perfect for a lot of different dietary requirements! The Lebanese tomato sauce is slow cooked with green beans and fresh coriander (we can already smell that fresh aroma) and served with vermicelli rice. We would pair this dish with the Spice Potatoes or Grilled Vegetables if you wanted to share. Jerusalem have such a delish selection of dishes that you need to explore.

Those dishes are bound to get you introduced to Lebanese cuisine if you haven’t tried before. There are plenty more restaurants that offer Lebanese dishes to try. While there are also countless cuisine types to discover on Just Eat also – no time like the present!