CuisinePosted on 08.08.2013

10 Unusual Food Monuments

Well, we all know that food is delicious.  But, would you make a monument out of it?  Why not!

Here are some examples of unusual food monuments throughout the world, and the history behind them.

1)  The Big Banana

The Big Banana, which is located near Coffs Harbour, Australia was first set up in 1964.   There’s no actual reason for the construction, however it is modeled after a prize-winning banana from the 1960’s.  The area is filled with banana-themed shops and tours of banana plantations nearby.

2) Big Bull of Wauchope

The Big Bull of Wauchope is situated just off the Oxley Highway in New South Wales, Australia.  First things first – it’s – big.  It was first constructed by a dairy farmer – John Eggert to improve tourism in his town.  It’s unfortunately not up anymore, but when it was, it had a gift shop and a deli.  Oh and some milk.

3) ‘Big Lamb’

Again, in New South Wales (they seem to like these sort of monuments) – you will find the ‘Big Lamb’.  Located in the town of Guyra, it was built to promote the lamb and potato industry and takes pride of place during the town’s annual week-long Lamb and Potato Festival.

4) The Big Avocado

This amm – well, no other word for it – avocado is located in Duranbah, Australia and marks the entrance to ‘Tropical Fruit World’.  Sweet or sour?

5) A….big stove

This big stove was made in Detroit, MI.  At the time the city was in the height of the industrial era and at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, the Michigan Stove Company created a 25-foot monument to represent the city of Detroit.  After being taken down for a number of years, it was put up again in advance of the 1998 Michigan State Fair.

6) A big sausage looking thing…

Located in Canada, the Stawnichy Meat Processing factory has been fun by the Stawnichy family since 1959.  It’s famous for its kielbasa (a type of Eastern European sausage) leading to the Stawnichy family creating this statue.

7) A big sausage looking thing…

Yes, we….didn’t know what to make of this either.  Apparently it’s a statue in Alberta in Canada which was created in honor of the famous Ukranian food ‘Pierogies’.  The fork originally wasn’t part of the statue, but had to be added on later due people not having any idea what the 27 foot tall statue was!

8) Watermelon, on a stick

Yup – that’s a watermelon on a giant stick.  Oh and it’s a 154 feet tall water tower as well.  Located in Lulling, Texas.

9) Corn on the cob?

25 foot tall corn on the cob (made out of fiber glass) is located in Olivia, Minnesota.  It was erected in 1973.

And finally…

10) A giant teapot (well, technically coffee pot)

We couldn’t not but put this in.  It was constructed in 1971 in Staton, Iowa.  The area was home to actress Virginia Christine, who starred in many Folgers’ coffee commercials.