CompetitionPosted on 10.07.2018

The World Cup Survey – Back your favourite cuisine to win!

Just Eat is supporting their customers throughout this year’s FIFA World Cup by delivering the food they want, when they want it, wherever they choose to watch the tournament action. Despite not having qualified for the World Cup, the Irish fans are still the best in the world, especially when it comes to enjoying their most-loved takeaway cuisines whilst supporting their favourite nations. The Just Eat survey results revealed a wave of support for Mexican cuisine with British food coming in as a strong runner-up – will this loyalty continue throughout the tournament? Time and Just Eat food order trends during the matches will tell. It’s understandable that true football fans will be dedicated to one thing only over the coming month, and Just Eat promises to play their part and to deliver on match days.

According to Just Eat’s World Cup Football Survey, almost 50% of customers would share a takeaway with Ronaldo over any other player. Poor Steven Gerrard gets the red card from most customers with less than 10% of the vote. The worst food ‘foul’ at 40% of the vote is putting ketchup all over shared chips closely followed by the offence of taking the last slice of pizza.

The first group of matches this weekend give ample opportunity to #FindYourFlavour. Pick your favourite takeaway cuisine to win and choose a side as controversial Sergio Ramos leads Spain against Portugal on Friday evening. During the recent UEFA Champions League final against Liverpool (May 26th) and his infamous performance, 652 hot and spicy pizzas were ordered on Just Eat, and love him or loathe him, Ramos is sure to bring the heat to the pitch on Friday night.

Pick a side on Saturday as the Aussies take on the French. Order up a BBQ from Pitt Bros, Smokin Bones, Fowl Play and My Meat Wagon in support of Australia or chant ‘Allez les Bleus!’ and order French fries from The Fryery or McGuinness’ Traditional Take Away.

Everyone loves to join in with the Mexican wave as did the 15,000 customers who enjoyed 108,000 tasty Mexican meals from Just Eat over the past year. Mexico may be the underdogs against current champions Germany, but they are in the premier league on the Just Eat leaderboard. Pick up some nachos on Sunday and back one of the favourite Just Eat cuisines to win!

Match schedule clashes with daily 9-5 grind are certainly inconvenient but getting lunch in the meantime won’t be. Just Eat delivers at lunchtime to your home or office in both Dublin and Cork from a diverse range of restaurant partners and cuisines.