Remember cronuts?

The weird croissant-doughnut hybrid that took the world by storm for about, er, two weeks?

Dominique Ansel, the creator, has gone one step further in the world of weird food – by putting an ice-cream sundae in a can. The name? Pop it!

He’s made a limited edition run of 500 cans, which are apparently inspired by Andy Warhol – you know, the bloke who did the Campbell’s soup art. Take a look:

canned icecream sundae -

If you want one, you’ll have to nip down to New York City. And pay about $15 – roughly 11.21 – for a can.

It’s a play on an ice-cream float, which includes cherries, toasted marhsmallow and miniature meringues. Sounds delicious, but for 11 yoyos– well, that’s four Teddys. Though Ansel points out his delicious sundae is meant to be shared by two people – and he’s donating 20% of his sales to charity. What a nice guy!

ice cream in a can