“Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!
Feed me, Seymour
Feed me all night long
That’s right, boy
You can do it
Feed me, Seymour
Feed me all night long
‘Cause if you feed me, Seymour
I can grow up big and strong”
Audrey II sings – Feed me (Go get it) – Little Shop of Horrors

Feed me Seymore

The little shop of horrors is these days a classic musical. Seymour Krelborn is the lamentable no-hoper who makes good with the aid (or despite the aid) of an alien plant bent on world domination. The demand “feed me” though is something that a lot of people will be familiar with, whether it’s from a demanding other half or if you have your own monsters who seem bent on world domination, or at least domestic domination.
If you’re a domestic goddess (or god) and you have a demanding terror or terrors you feel you can’t say no to, you probably find it difficult to get anything done.
Eliminating some of the demands is one way to ease your way back to domestic Nirvana so while Judo, ballet, football and homework can’t be binned, dealing with the “Feed me” demand is something you can unburden yourself from at least now and again.
Obviously eating out all the time with your “Audrey II”s is too expensive for most people, not to mention a logistical and disciplinary nightmare that a Commando Colonel would be proud to pull off, but that doesn’t mean you are chained to the stove. Take out food might be your salvation.  These days the choice for online restaurants is growing enough to cater for almost any tastes and whether your delivery is in Dublin, Galway or Cork you can just pop onto JustEat.ie and sort it all out in one easy move. Might be worth doing before your little horrors start making demands for blood.  🙂