Getting ready for a Spring cookout? While the great Irish barbie might be considered one of the most important traditions of sunnier months, no BBQ is complete without a few hiccups along the way.

From burnt burgers to to a total washout, avoid a food disaster with some delicious dishes all just a tap away on the Just Eat app. 

wings Just Eat


Chicken lovers these are for you! If a burger isn’t your style, then maybe you’ll appreciate some perfectly spiced Chicken Wings. Our advice: don’t go overboard with the extra-hot sauce. 

Try: Camden Rotisserie, Wings, Smokin Bones, Meatball Place Cork.

burger 12


Order amazing burgers and serve onto paper plates, and pretend you’re some sort of culinary genius. For added drama, invest in a smoke machine and rub charcoal all over your forehead. Whether you’re a sucker for a simple cheeseburger or you like to experiment with your toppings – when it comes to American cuisine, a classic burger is truly at the heart.

Try: The Counter Burger, Bobo’s, Supermacs, Pitt Bros, Uncle Pete’s Cork, Glynn’s Kitchen Galway.



If you are a fan of good buns, blackened sausages simply will not cut the mustard. Hot dogs not only come in lengths besides regular and foot-long, but also with toppings besides mustard, relish, onions or chili and are absolutely delish!

Try: Rockin’ Joes, Eddie Rockets, Redberry Pizza, Pizza Dog, New Yorkers Tralee, Grilled Pepper Cork.

ribs just eat


Ribs may be one of the best reasons to be a carnivore.  Not to mention, gnawing on bones and covering yourself with sticky barbeque sauce is just plain fun.

Try: White Rabbit BBQ Cork, Ozzie Outback, Lana Asian Street Food Castletroy.

Hungry for more? Order amazing food all around Ireland on Just Eat.