Feeling the heat? Make the most of the soaring temperatures this week with some of the coolest dishes JUST EAT has to offer.

Don’t fancy spending your time slaving over the barbeque all afternoon?  Just remember to ensure no one sees you smuggle in the goods. Avoid any mishaps by ordering delicious dishes with JUST EAT’S BYOB – Bring Your Own Barbeque and order your barbeque favourites in! Place an order just before your guests arrive. 

Don’t sweat it – you’ll find something tasty to suit every appetite. Check out our favourites below…


burger food porn

Order amazing burgers and serve onto paper plates, and pretend you’re some sort of culinary genius. For added drama, invest in a smoke machine and rub charcoal all over your forehead.


chilli hotdog

Create the illusion of being a master chef instead by ordering in your favourite grilled dishes instead. From hot dogs to steaks to chicken wings, plus all the side options you could ever dream about!


caeser salad

Whether you’re choosing salad as a main or as a side dish for dining al fresco, there’s so much to choose from on JUST EAT. And trust us when we say that salad isn’t just about lettuce. Load up on mediterranean inspired salads packed with olives and aubergines, or try out a light Greek tabbouleh as a side dish.


Shawarma 2

This Turkish dish features slow-grilled meat as the star of the show and combines it with fresh salad and super soft bread – topped with everything from tahini to pickled turnips. Most chicken variations of shawarma are served cold, making it the perfect choice for warm spring days.

Summer rolls

summer rolls

Love spring rolls? Why not upgrade yours to summer rolls for a refreshing take on a classic instead? In this Vietnamese staple, spiced veggies fuse with shellfish, vermicelli noodles, carrots, cucumber and herbs all wrapped up in light rice paper. Perfect for sharing with mates, or as a starter to your main event.


greek dolmades

A little like a summer roll, dolmades are a Greek and Middle Eastern delicacy. Deliciously light vine leaves and stuffed with rice, meat, vegetables and herbs, and they’re usually customisable depending on your tastes. Leave out the meat and you’re left with a delicious vegan dish which is ideal served with a drizzle of fresh lemon juice, hummous and a tabbouleh salad.

Ice cream

milkshake 2

What better way to beat the heat than with ice cream? And, with JUST EAT, you can find loads more than what’s on offer at the local newsagents or the ice cream van. From spectacular sundaes with every kind of topping imaginable, to ice cream cakes, cold desserts and more milkshakes than you can you shake a straw at, why not see what’s on offer near you?

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