After a long week, it’s a great mini fist pump moment when you realise you’ll soon be on the sofa with a takeaway ordered and some top telly on the box and that one extra day off makes it all the sweeter.

But which box set is the right one for you? Here, using exact science*, JUSTEAT matches five must-watch box sets with appropriate accompanying takeaways.

The Sopranos

Whether you’re a total novice, or just fancy re-watching the frolics of New Joysey’s (that’s our best impression) finest mobsters, this is one of the greatest sagas ever committed to the small screen.
Goes well with: Pizza. The site of Tony Soprano’s favourite haunt ‘Pizza Land’ in the opening credits is enough alone to put us in the mood for a mouthwatering meat feast.

tony The Sopranos


Mad Men

The trails and tribulations of New York’s 1960s ad men makes for super-addictive viewing. Many of the episodes aren’t heavy on action, but the characters and performances are insanely encapsulating.
Goes well with: Curry. Because it’s such a subtle, slow-burner, it requires an accompanying feast that you can lay out in front of you and pick at all night. We guarantee you’ll be glued to the sofa for about nine hours.

dancing mad men gif

Breaking Bad

In JUSTEAT we refer to it as ‘Bacon Bad’, the undisputed cult hit of the last decade is compulsive viewing.

Goes well with: Burritos. Teacher-turned-wrong ‘un Walter White lives in the US City of Albuquerque, which means much of the action takes place over the border in Mexico. Whenever the show involves anything remotely Mexican, they seem to put this grainy yellow filter over everything, and it always puts us in the mood for guacamole. ALternatively it might also put you in the mood for fried chicken, but we might be spoiling things by saying anything more…

breaking bad gif


This has to be the sexiest, slickest incarnation of the world’s most-famous cannibal. Focusing on the life of Dr Hannibal Lecter before he became infamous, the show is deliciously dark and twisted.
Goes well with: Sushi. As wrong as this sounds, Dr Lecter’s morbid meals look absolutely stunning in the show, such are his silky skills in the kitchen. The intricate designs and sweeping shots of lovingly prepared cuisines will make you think, ‘Oh, I really fancy a bit of sushi tonight…’


The West Wing

An oldie but a goodie, and arguably the finest political saga ever made.
Goes well with: Chinese. The busy politicos in The West Wing eat so, so much Chinese food. You too can pretend you’re an advisor to the president by ordering in loads of chow mein and wearing a bluetooth headset. Just ignore the fact you’re also wearing a ten-year-old Star Wars t-shirt and no pants…

west wing

*No-one at JUST EAT is a qualified scientist.

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