Bombay Pantry has long been synonymous with providing authentic Indian food through a combination of the finest natural ingredients, and the traditional methods of cooking used by the Indian chefs that run their kitchens.

As they celebrate 20 years in business, they are delighted to continue to be at the forefront of Indian food in Ireland, with the launch of its new Vegan menu,reaffirming the belief that Indian food has a lot more to it that Chicken Tikka masala, and that there are so many dishes that can be good for us.

The new menu which has had a complete redesign will see old favourites remain as well as the inclusion of new paleo, vegan and superfood options, offering well thought out and balanced meals.

The new plant-based menu has been very well received, with one of the dishes featured Kerala
Vegetable curry, one of the best-selling new dishes ever launched. Speaking on the 20th birthday celebration, Managing Director Yvette Fidgeon said “we are delighted to be still at the forefront of Indian food 20 years after first introducing the concept of open kitchens in takeaways and food cooked to order in front of customers. Our new menu has something for everyone no matter how they like to eat, Vegan, Paleo, Superfood and of course old classics like our Chicken Tikka masala. As with all our dishes, the new additions are all made from natural ingredients and created by hand in our kitchens.The new menu means that everyone can enjoy their favourite Indian dishes regardless of their dietary requirements”.

The latest menu brings new dishes to devour, including the Smoky Cauliflower, the delicious low carb alternative to rice, the Chana Tarkari, hand cut seasonal vegetables with chickpeas, flavoured with mango powder (amchor), and house-blend panch poran mix and the ever popular Kale and Chickpea stir-fry.

What was once your familiar curry house, Bombay Pantry has now become the go to destination for educated food choices with tasty recipes that are packed with nutritious ingredients, superfoods and antioxidants. You can now order these amazing vegan dishes from Bombay Pantry on the Just Eat app.