The vegetarian trend is in full swing in Dublin’s fair city and boy, has the restaurant community responded. With so many possible variations and flavours, from home-made falafel patties to delectable black bean burgers, building a list of the best veggie burgers in Dublin has proved to be a complex (and delicious) process.


After extensive debate, we’ve finalised our list of burgers that would convert any carnivore and should feature in your next Just Eat order.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Veggie Burger

First opened in London in 2001, Gourmet Burger Kitchen was one of the first restaurants to put an artisan spin on the humble burger. Now with five locations in Dublin, Gourmet Burger Kitchen has gone from strength to strength and is now a firm favourite with locals. With two vegetarian patties on the menu, as well as a number of meat-free sides, there’s plenty of options for vegetarians to choose from.

The falafel burger is a customer favourite and is served with a delicious medley of sauces, crisp salad and pickled onions. GBK’s classic bean burger is another moreish veggie option, which can be served plain or in a ‘Californian’ style, with added mature cheddar, avocado and chili mayonnaise.

Bread and Bones

Bread and Bones Veggie Burgers

Bread and Bones has become the capital’s go-to haunt for authentic Asian street-food. The eatery boasts a compact, yet tasty, menu filled with dishes familiar to anyone who’s travelled East. Aside from offering lots of delicious vegetarian options like, kimchi fries, veggie dumplings and sweet potato Katsu curry, Bread and Bones also makes one of the best veggie burgers north of the Liffey.

Served with fries, the burger can be topped with kimchi, Korea’s most polarising cuisine, or a perfectly-cooked fried egg.



Jo'Burger Vegetarian Burger

They say variety is the spice of life and when it comes to burgers, Jo’Burger has a flavour to delight any palate. Ordering at Jo’Burger is a three-step process, with patrons first choosing their patty, bun and then burger-style.

When it comes to vegetarian burgers, customers can choose between a chickpea or sweet potato patty, which is then served with a scrumptious topping of your choice. In terms of veggie toppings, we recommend pairing your burger with the Oriando topping. It’s delicious sauce, made of harissa, mint and aioli is the perfect accompaniment to any burger.

On The Pig’s Back Eatery

On The Pigs Back Eatery

Nestled away on Capel Street, On The Pig’s Back is one of the Northsides’ best kept secrets. Serving tasty burgers, mouth-watering fries and an array of sweet treats, this is the place to go when hunger strikes. Popular with meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, the restaurant’s veggie burger is the perfect meal for anyone pining for the smoky flavours of bacon.

The Pig’s Back’s veggie burger is made with Badass Bacon – a plant-based, vegan-friendly bacon – and is served with crispy lettuce, tomato and melted gouda cheese. To make your meal even tastier, why not order a portion of the garlic and rosemary wedges on the side? Delish!

BóBós Burgers Restaurant

BoBos Veggie Burger
One of the best things about BóBós, is that it has three centrally-located restaurants, meaning you’re never too far from a delicious burger. Vegetarians have a wealth of options at BóBós, with three veggie burger options on the menu.

Choose between a falafel burger, mushroom burger or, our favourite, the beetroot and feta burger. Named after the chain’s only northside location, the Abbey Street burger comes with garlic sauce, freshly-chopped tomato, onion and lettuce and is best served with BóBós’ crunchy sweet potato fries.

Bang Bang

Bang Bang Vegetarian Burger

Named after one of Dublin’s most famous characters, Thomas “Bang Bang” Dudley, Phibsborough’s Bang Bang café has everything a D7 resident could want – delicious coffee, vintage apparel, home-baked desserts and amazing veggie burgers!

Bang Bang’s delicious vegan burger is made with zesty lemon hummus, avocado, rocket, beetroot and served on a wholemeal bun and is the perfect shout for Sunday brunch.

The Chili Shack

The Chili Shack Vegetarian Burger

Opened by two friends who wanted to bring the authentic flavours of American BBQ to Irish shores, The Chilli Shack is the epitome of comfort food. Famed for their hot chili, succulent chicken wings and out-of-this-world burgers, you’d be forgiven for thinking vegetarian dining wasn’t an option here.

However, when it comes to mushroom veggie burgers, Chili Shack’s grilled mushroom burger is one of the capital’s best. Served with smoked cheese, Dijon haze, caramelised onions and rocket, the mushroom burger encapsulates all the savoury flavours of the American south, without the meat.

Happy Food

Happy Food Veggie burger

Providing gluten-free, diary-free and vegan-friendly food in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, Happy Food is the ideal lunch-choice for both vegans and healthy-eaters alike.

Serving breakfast and lunch, the plant-based restaurant boasts a varied menu with lots of great options, however, your hungry-eyes will immediately be drawn to the café’s appetising black bean burger. Served between a jalapeno and sundried tomato bun, caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce and home-made mayo are added to make a tantalising veggie burger.

Box Burger

Box Burger Chickpea Burger

Once upon a time Dubliners would have had to travel to Wicklow to sample the delicious fare on offer in Box Burger. But now, thanks to Just Eat, it’s never been easier to get the best burgers around delivered to your door.

Renowned for their extensive menu, Box Burger offers customers not one, but three different types of veggie burger. Those who’ve recently gone veggie, or anyone who’s looking to try something different, should check out the seitan burger.

Seitan’s meat-like texture would fool anyone into thinking they’re eating the real thing, when in fact it’s 100% vegetarian. More seasoned vegetarians might want to try the equally-delicious aubergine burger, which is served with parmesan cheese, halloumi, caramelised red onion and lettuce.