With the Winter looming there’s nothing better than ordering something delicious from your local takeaway.

1. The Cheeseburger

cheese burger -justeat.ie

A big, delicious cheeseburger and a proper serving chips makes for a perfect for an evening in with Netflix

2. Deep pan pizza

pizza - justeat.ie

Thin-based pizza’s tasty but this weekend we want deep pan – the super-buff older brother of ordinary pizza.

3. Chicken Snack Box

chicken -just-eat.ie

Everything is better fried. And it even comes in its own little container so no washing up #minifistpump

4. Korma

korma -justeat.ie

Nothing like a creamy Korma to warm you up on a cold winter evening, or any other Indian curry for that matter. Perfect for Saturday night TV – Strictly Come Dhansak anyone?

5. Chinese

Chinese food -justeat.ie

Everyone has their favourite. It could be Sweet & Sour Chicken, a Beef Curry, a 3 in 1 with Chicken Balls. No matter what it is Chinese makes one of the best winter weekend takeaways.

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