Hey everyone!

So we set you a challenge – come up with a rhyme about ordering food online through Just-Eat.ie and in return, one lucky person would win a €25 voucher on Facebook, and a €25 voucher on Twitter!

The quality of the replies were (to be honest) incredibly impressive!  Definitely some poets out there!

We’ve included some of our favourites below:


Liam Callaghan writes…

Chips curry, pizza or rice,
Struggle to decide , too much choice!
Tap of the keyboard, click of the mouse,
Just-Eats delivered right to my house!


Tanya Ruisi writes…

Just-eat.ie, is the best you see. They’ll take you order in a jiffy.
If you want food on time, and tasting just fine, use Just-eat.ie like it says in this rhyme.


Tracey Galgey writes…

I love justeat went im resting my feet .u guys r so neat for people orderin a treat
o if ur hungry dnt delay.go on to justeat.ie today:-):-):-) hey hey hey hey


Andrea Airoldi writes…

There once was a girl from Clonsilla 
Who needed to make a big dinner
But she didn’t have time, so she just went online 
to Just-Eat and she was a winner:)





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And now….our randomly selected Facebook winner is…

Naomi O’Donovan with this excellent piece! Congratulations!  Have you missed your calling?

When you’ve worked the long day and your feet are real sore, Log on to Just-eat cos theres Menus Galore
When the cupboards are bare and the fridge’s smells a bit squiffy, Log on to Just eat for a meal in a jiffy!
If you want pizzas or pastas, or something chinesey, Just-eat.ie is so easy peasy.
No matter what food, you’ll find something good, every day or a treat- Bon Appetit!  


Naomi – drop us a PM on Facebook and we’ll pass along your voucher!

Our randomly selected Twitter winner is…



Again, Alan, drop us a DM and we’ll pass along your voucher!