Ahhh the US of A. Land of the fries, and home of the burgers! If there is one thing Americans know how to do well, it’s comfort food. And boy are we fans of comfort food. There are always so many options to choose from and with so many new interpretations of American classics the selection is endless. You can explore all of the options on Just Eat. We’ve whittled down our favourite American eats to five stand out dishes that are sure to liven the tastebuds and give you a trip from coast to coast.

Hot Dog

American Eats- Hot Dog Takeaway

Ok, so we know technically the hot dog originated in Germany but it was popularised in America so we think that justifies it being included as one of our favourite American eats. It’s essentially a sausage sandwich, to call a spade a spade. It has also been reimagined in different tasty concoctions such as the corndog and the pig in a blanket. As the hot dog grew in popularity it became closely associated with baseball and famous American cities like New York and Chicago. Token in Dublin have a range of hot dogs to choose from that are suited for everyone (including our veggie and vegan friends) the Basic Bitch is one big dog with house mustard, Token umami ketchup, and Spanish onion – can we put our order in now?

Mac and Cheese

American Eats- Mac & Cheese Takeaway

Like the hot dog, mac and cheese was not originally created in America, but it has become incredibly popular in the region so we’re of the mind that its second home might as well be the US. The American president Thomas Jefferson encountered macaroni in Paris and brought the recipe back to America. Jefferson drew a sketch of the pasta dish and wrote detailed notes on it’s cooking process. As the dish became more popular in the following years it lost its upper-class appeal. Well excuse us but hand us a bowl of that golden mac and cheese goodness any day! Pitt Bros do one hell of a Mac and Cheese if you ask us! Smokin Bones also do a Bacon Mac and Cheese and honestly, that’s goals.


American Eats- Hamburger Takeaway

There’s many a tale as to who and how the hamburger was created, but we quite like the one where this delicious dish was supposedly eaten by many emigrants on their way to America. Hamburg steak is reported to have been served between two pieces of bread on the Hamburg America Line, which began operations in 1847, which would explain the name. Now since then, the hamburger has seen many influences from all around the world with new additions to appeal to a whole range of tastes. A stand out American classic for us is the Dinner Dirty Vegas Burger from Flash Harrys; a 50/50 patty with spiced cheese, smoked bacon, pickles, red onion, dirty sauce and baby greens – I don’t think we could ask for anything more!

Chicken Wings

American Eats- Chicken Wings Takeaway

Wings are a true American classic – said to be created in New York by a woman named Teressa Bellissimo, who owned a bar with her husband Frank in 1964. The classic wing is generally deep-fried then coated in a sauce consisting of a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and melted butter prior to serving. Over time like many other American eats, the dish has seen new ideas and additions to elevate this dish to new heights. If you’re looking for wings of all different flavours then you need to check out Just Wing It @ Eatyard – they have a whole host of options from Tequila & Lime Wings, Medium Buffalo Wings to Teeling Irish Whiskey BBQ WIngs – all ready to be delivered to your door.

Deep Dish Pizza

American Eats- Deep Dish Pizza Takeaway

Deep dish or deep pan pizza is pretty iconic if you ask us. This baby originated from the windy city, where Oprah hosted her talk show for twenty-five years – Chicago! It is often reported that Chicago-style deep-dish pizza was invented at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago, in 1943 and we thank god for every day after that. Tasty Bite does a whole range of deep dish pizzas that you can choose from. So if you want to try out some real American eats, this is the dish for you!

We don’t know about you but we’re pretty sure some American treats are on the cards for us this weekend – this is just a small selection of some of the American dishes we have on Just Eat. So find your flavour and order an American feast to your door tonight on Just Eat.