It’s the last weekend of ADIFF! Just Eat is delighted to be supporting ADIFF as the official food ordering app of the festival to bring you a world of films and a world of food. 
Here are Just Eat’s top movies to see paired with their perfect takeaway matches!


Damo and Ivor

Damo and Ivor Just Eat ADIFF

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 6:10pm Cineworld

They started life as a YouTube and TV sensation, now improbable siblings Damo & Ivor are bringing their unique brand of humour to the big screen.

The slapstick action centres around the unlikely pair’s search for their long-lost brother, taking them on a wild adventure across Ireland. But unknown to Damo, Ivor is also hoping to bring the family closer together by reuniting them with their mother. As fans of the series will already be aware, with these two siblings involved, plans rarely run smoothly.

Best paired with a quintessentially Irish Spicebag!


Sicilian Ghost Story

Sicilian Ghost Story Just eat ADIFF

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 6:10pm Cineworld

Sicilian Ghost StoryItalian directors Antonio Piazza and Fabio Grassadonia follow up their widely admired Salvo with this cutting-edge crime drama based on true events. The film dramatises the shocking and gruesome abduction of the young son of a mafia informant. Guiseppe Di Matteo was just 12 when he was taken captive in 1993 in a bid to silence his father, on the verge of turning informer. The film adds another dimension to the story in the form of a fictional character, Luna, Guiseppe’s classmate and friend.

Best movie match – Pizza!


Surprise Film


Sun 4th Mar 2018 5:00pm Odeon Point Village, Screens 1, 2 and 3

One of the most eagerly anticipated presentations in the festival, the Just Eat Surprise Film is shown amid great speculation and no one – not even the projectionist – knows the film’s title until the first few frames on screen slowly reveal its true identity. An annual treat for the brave and the bold, the Surprise Film is a tightly guarded secret, but one thing that can be guaranteed is that no one need go hungry, as this year the screening is supported by Just Eat, the official food ordering app of ADIFF, who will be offering treats to everyone in the audience.

Surprise yourself with something new and exciting like a Poke Bowl!

C’est La Vie

Screenshot 2018-03-01 12.47.35

Sun 4th Mar 2018 8:00pm Cineworld

Six years ago, director/writing duo Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano saw their comedy/drama The Untouchables become a French domestic smash hit and an international success. The funny, irreverent and charming story of friendship and trust struck a chord with audiences, making it one of France’s biggest ever box-office hits and drawing a wide international audience.

They return with C’est La Vie, bringing more merriment and an ensemble cast. A cranky French caterer and planner must create a perfect wedding day for his demanding clients – but to do so he must work with some of the most inept staff any venue has ever had the misfortune of hiring, and keep the egotistical wedding singer on side. Working his final wedding event, Max just wants to get through the evening without any hitches, but what emerges is a cleverly plotted and assembled comedy of errors. It’s a boisterous romp of a film, set in a beautiful 17th century French chateau, that is the ultimate in escapist cinema.

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