We have full blown festival fever! Join us as we ride the rollercoaster of emotions from hearing the first announcement to your post-festival recovery.

1. The festival is announced

You’ve been waiting since last year’s festival and the moment is finally here. The dates. The headliners. The band you love that nobody has ever heard of is playing on a tiny stage! SO. EXCITED.



2. Tickets go on sale

But now it’s time to buy the tickets. You put the date in your phone. You set every alarm you own. You’re not going to miss out. You cannot miss out.



3. You’ve got your tickets

Crisis averted. Tickets are booked. Your friends all got them too. This is going to be one to remember; you can feel it. #minifistpump



4. New acts added to the lineup

The unexpected twist of a new headliner. You didn’t see that coming.

new acts added


5. Playing the waiting game

You’re counting the days. Only 20 days left. That’s only 3 Mondays. You can get through three Mondays. At this point you are effectively living for this festival.



6. The night before

Wellies? Check. Toilet paper? Check. Tent? What do you mean you forgot to get a tent!? No, wait. You have a tent. Don’t be silly. Repeat this step and have a little heart attack every time you think you’ve forgotten something.



7. Party Time

You spend 3 days dancing all night. Burning the floor. Sleep is for the weak. We will be young forever!



8. The morning after

What have I done?



9. The Next-day Takeaway

But wait, all is not lost. The day after the festival is saved by a takeaway from JUST EAT. We’ve got everything you need to feel like a person again the day after. You’ve been living for the moment that the delivery driver knocks on your door. As you dig into your curry chips you think about how you can’t wait to do it all again next time.

recovery yum