So we just hit over 60,000 likes on Facebook – wooh!

To celebrate we said we would give away some €20 vouchers.  What did you have to do?  Simply tell us why you liked ordering online with!

Here are our randomly selected winners….

  1. Maria Finnegan Great selection, fantastic service. Plus the ‘save as favorite’ meal makes it even easier!’
  2. Rachel Cribbin its easy to use and you have a help line if u need them to help plus you can see what rating eah place has and easy to follow menu even better you dnt have to wash up after dinner you can continue to relax bliss’
  3. Aindriú MacGafraidh Ordering online is ok and I do like it, but ordering with is even better because I can kick back on the recliner, order online from my smartphone and even use my credit card, no need for cash, no need to budge off the seat and I have hand prepared food delivered hot to my door,.. what’s not to like !?’
  4. Victoria Lawlor Cause you don’t have the problem of other people on the phone. Seriously, I have been asked before now to put my mum on the phone as they don’t take orders from kids (I am in my thirties = major embarrassment!) (definitely!)
  5. Sharon O’Donoghue Because I like to save my singing voice for when the delivery man arrives and I can greet him with a happy chorus’ (love it!)
  6. Richard Toolan Why I like ordering food online by Richard Toolan.  Gone are the days where I used to hop on my bicycle and venture to the local farmers market to buy myself some meat and vegetables for the dinner that evening.  Wind, rain, snow, monsoon season, hurricane you could guarantee it, once I got in after a long day with my head in the books it was off on my bike to the local market.  Even those days where I was so exhausted from working for the last nine or ten hours, haunted by the information I was cramming into my head, I’d still hop on my bike and off to the local farmers market.  In recent years and with the breakthrough of modern technology I can now get someone else to do it for me, even cook it too!  I get in, take out the little electronic device in my pocket and browse to my favourite take away site, What am I feeling like? Bacon and Cabbage? Shrimp fra diavolo? Paneer tikka masala? Hangzhou-Style Duck Pickled in Soy Sauce? It doesn’t matter I can have any or all!  I can then sit back and admire my snow covered kingdom and eagerly await that friendly knock at the door safe in the knowledge I need not cycle in it, then I hear it, I rush to the door, usually turns out to be some drunken college students walking into town, but other times it’s that friendly face holding an unbranded brown paper bag of tasty goodies. I snatch it off him, slam the door to keep the cold out and then go back to admiring my kingdom while enjoying my tasty take away. And that is why I like ordering food online.’

……wow, give that man a medal.

If you see your name mentioned above, send us a message on Facebook and we’ll get your voucher straight through to you!  If not, don’t worry, as always – lots more prizes to come!