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It’s time to step away from the five-pack of socks and the bath salts set – we’ve found the perfect presents for the takeaway lover in your life.

1) Takeaway twosie

JUST EAT Valentines twosie

Like a onesie… but made for two. We invented this masterpiece last year and it’s perfect for those boxing day telly marathons.

2) Everlasting takeaway containers

takeaway container

Made in design


The takeaway experience never has to end with these ceramic takeaway containers… They come in loads of styles too, so whether you fancy pasta from pie dish or soup from a square carton, the dream is now a reality.

3) Pizza gift wrap

pizza gift wrap

Etsy, JulieAnnArt

Who cares what’s in the present when the outside is just so beautiful.

4) Pizza pouch



Know someone who can’t bear to be separated from pizza? Well, good news, ‘cos pizza just became portable.

5) Takeaway apron

takeaway apron


For all those times they’ve burnt the dinner…

6) Actual takeaway

Left it last minute again? Just order in a surprise Christmas takeaway or a JUST EAT Gift Card for guaranteed satisfaction and top notch gift giver status.