It might be windy and damp outside, but we secretly love January for its multiple hibernation opportunities.   Here are five reasons to pop on those gorilla slippers you got for Christmas and not leave the sofa ’til February…

 1. Red Rock
The highly anticipated new Irish soap Red Rock premiered last week. TV3’s whodunnit saw the nation collectively prepared to cringe our pants off at yet another attempt at homegrown drama, safe to say, the majority of us were pleasantly surprised.

 2. Netflix keeps adding new stuff
Netflix just added every single episode of Friends to Netflix USA and Canada. While you’re waiting for them to get their act together and ship it across the pond, check out What’s On Netflix to keep yourself busy. You could be enjoying ‘The One Where Everyone Stayed In, Ate Pizza And Watched Nine Episodes Of Friends’ in no time.

joey friends gif justeat

 3. The FA cup is on telly lots
Football fans rejoice: no need to venture to the pub when you can watch all the action on TV from the comfort of your sofa. Check out the telly fixtures here to plan your perfect foody/footy feast.

 4. Charlie aka Love/HateThe third and final part of RTE’s political drama Charlie will conclude on Sunday, as we see the last few year’s of Haughey’s political reign. The drama began with the former Taoiseach’s first bid for power back in 1979 and Sunday’s episode will take us all the way up to his departure from politics in 1992, hence the mass of grey hair you will see on Aidan Gillen’s head.Although political Nidge seems to have aged alright, guess he didn’t have the burden of an entire country on his shoulders…

 5. Indoor picnics > outdoor picnics
Summer picnics are all about soggy, warm sandwiches and being attacked by ants. The real floor-based fun is to be had in the depths of winter, when you can pop a duvet down and eat takeaway in nothing but your PJs. That sort of thing is frowned upon in parks and on beaches so best off to stay in your TV room.

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