Because let’s be honest, you will break them.


 1. Get Walking

You’re probably not going to do that triathlon coming up in June. But we don’t all have to go full Ironman in 2016. A brisk walk a couple of times a week checks all the boxes. It’s free, it’s good for you and you can reward yourself with the occasional takeaway thanks to all that sweet, sweet cardio.



2. No more breakfast for dinner


You get home. You’re exhausted. All you have in the fridge is a pepper, an egg and a roll of film from 1997. Looks like cereal for dinner again, right? Wrong. JUST EAT has plenty of healthy options for you to choose from for those days when you can’t face the shops, the oven or another second not spent on the couch. Tap the app and say goodbye to that pepper and communion photo omelette.


3. Spend more time with those who lift you up and less time with those who bring you down

donut meme 1


Time to delete the people who still invite you to play Candy Crush and Farmville on Facebook. And those nay sayers who say you can’t finish a wagon wheel pizza to yourself, surround yourself with positive people. Just keep doing you!


4. Start prioritising sleep

sleep graph


Via Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

Sleep is a significant building block for any personal goal you have this year. So whether you plan to exercise more, quit smoking or start a new hobby, make sure sleep is part of your equation for this year.

Sleep. As. Much. As. Possible. In. 2016.


5. Stop stressing about your relationship status. What’s meant to be will be

relationship status hungry


Ideally, we’d resolve not to get as stressed out in 2016 as we did in 2015. But sometimes fate doesn’t work in our favour and you’re left worrying about money, relationships, studying and work all at once. Taking a little bit of “me time” to do something that’s just for you – be it going out for a walk, dancing around the kitchen to your favourite album, giving yourself a manicure or kicking back with a good book once a week – will make a huge difference to your stress levels.

#ShhhTheHunger with JUST EAT