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Hey, you know what’s even better than a night in with a takeaway? Having something rather delicious to wash it all down with.

We’re celebrating all-things ‘cosy night in’ this week, so that’s why we’ve done our research and paired four of our most popular takeaway dishes with four delightful drinks. Bottoms up!

For Japanese or Thai food…
Try a Kirin lager

Unlike that fizzy ‘six for a fiver’ stuff you might pick up from the local offo, there are loads of amazing Japanese beers that are made from rice. The rice makes it paler, maltier and ultimately will go down a treat with your subtly spicy oriental feasts. Available in most big supermarkets.For curry…
Have a bit of lassi

Guzzling down a feisty curry with booze can sometimes leave you feeling like you chucked a petrol canister on a bonfire (don’t try that at home) – so try a bit of lassi next time. This yoghurty drink from Bangladesh complements all curries and is dead simple too. Feeling fruity? Plump for a mango one instead.

For pizza…
Enjoy a nice merlot

So we put it to a wine expert that there is no better combo in the world than beer and pizza, and they sort of agreed. But then they went off on one about the science of grapes, and insisted that something like a nice Italian merlot would have just the right, moderate amount of alcohol to cut nicely through all that cheese and tomato. Alternatively just drink a craft beer out of a wine glass.

For burrito…
It must be Mojito

And NOT just because it rhymes nicely. The world’s most famous rum cocktail has a nice fusion of flavours to mirror that of any Mexican meal. The rum and spices work together to give your mouth a nice kick, while the lime and mint works with the sour cream and salsa to keep it cool. Plus (cue a mini fist pump) most supermarkets sell ready-mixed cans now.

Enjoy your pairings and drink responsibly. No-one likes waking up to find pizza stuck to the ceiling.