It might be the thought that counts, BUT REALLY!?

1. “Joke” presents

There is nothing more frustrating than a “joke” or novelty present from someone attempting to be funny. Hangry levels rising.

beets by dre


2. Socks

Taking gold for the worst gift of all time is, socks. People have been receiving socks for Christmas for time immemorial. What could be more irritating than a pair of socks? Nothing that’s what. At least they’ll keep your feet as toasty as your level 2 rage-fire. time-to-take-donw-the-christmas-tree


3. Car Air Freshener

The humble car air freshener. Brilliant, practical, but oh so disappointing. Your family member clearly forgot you existed until they pulled into the petrol station. Hangry level 3 achieved.

glee angry gif

4. An Ugly Christmas Jumper

The classic, ugly Christmas jumper. We all have gotten this one. Usually the “gifted one” smiles awkwardly upon receiving the gift but inside they are fuming. Level 4 Hanger has taken over and you’ll be lucky to avoid spending New Year’s in jail…

darcy christmas jumper gif


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