Electric Picnic tickets have sold out, causing mass hysteria. People all over Ireland are evaluating their options: Jumping over fences, bribing a band to so you can be their rodeo, or just straight out blagging.

Or alternatively you could try go in disguise. Here are some possible disguises that could help you get in incognito.


Pro: You’ll never have to skip the toilet queue

Con: Someone may try to use you

portaloo festival JUST EAT

 A cow

Pro: Blending right into the countryside

Con: Being too convincing to an amorous bull…

Festival Cow JUST EAT


Wicker Lantern

Pro: Straight into the Body & Soul area – no one will bat an eyelid

Con: You may be set on fire

burn baby burn gif

Or you could just order takeaway from JUST EAT and find our chopstick drumsticks in your order and you could be on your way to Electric Picnic! Read more here