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For some of us there is no such thing as “bad” pizza. There is only pizza and no pizza. The holy trinity of cheese, tomato sauce and crust. Pizza makes the best breakfast, that it’s also the best option for lunch AND dinner.

Check out the 11 things you know if you are a true pizza lover!

1. You have fallen asleep with pizza in or around your bed.

pepperoni pizza bed

2. You can easily finish an entire pizza by yourself.

liz-lemon-eats-a-whole-pizza (1)

3. You get really anxious when unanticipated guests want a piece of pizza and you have to sacrifice a slice.

joey doesnt share gif

4. You’ve decided against going out because a night in with pizza just sounded too good.

pizza drake gif

5. If an event advertises free pizza you will be there.

dress pizza gif

6. Sometimes you fall asleep thinking about pizza.

pizza witch gif

7. No matter how full you are, you would NEVER throw out a perfectly good piece of pizza.

pizza space gif

8. You have been in a serious fight with a friend over pizza, pizza toppings, or because you were in a blind hangry rage.

cheese pizza gif

9. You will eat pizza happily regardless of the time of day.

pizza bed gif

10. You can’t imagine your life without pizza in it.

pizza baby

11. The real food pyramid – Meat, dairy, grains – check!

food pizza


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