It’s happened. The hangries have set in and your rage is bordering on murderous. You can’t quite put your finger on a fix. Suddenly, the light bulb moment: you’re gonna order takeaway.

starving gif

1. Feeling: Elated

this is the best gif

It’s Saturday, there’s great TV on. You’re in your PJ’s. What could make it better? Food. Food makes everything better. Time for a takeaway treat.

2. Feeling: Confused

decisions gif

Sushi? Thai? Pizza? Indian? Chinese? Chipper? If there are multiple people involved with varying cravings, this decision could involve signing treaties, bribery, physical violence and wracking sobs.

3. Feeling: Confidence followed shortly by remorse

confidence gif

You know what you want. “It’s got to be a Thai tonight” you say to yourself. You tap “place your order” and pay. And then you worry that you should have gotten Thai Green Curry instead of Pad Thai.

4. Feeling: Expectation


You’ve placed your order and now all you have to do is contain yourself while you wait for your sweet, delish meal to arrive.

5. Feeling: Anticipation

fear gif

Any minute now.

6. Feeling: Joy

fist-pump gif

Your phone buzzes, the doorbell goes. IT’S HERE! The takeaway is at the door #minifistpump!

7. Feeling: Contentment

i love food gif

You could have gone out. You could have cooked for yourself. But now, as you survey your food kingdom, all of your life choices have been validated.

8. Feeling: Second Thoughts










Whoa, our eyes were a lot bigger than our bellies. This is a significant amount of food.  It’s so delicious but you start to fill up. So you summon all your strength to plow into the remains like an absolute trooper.

9. Feeling: Defeated

regret gif

This will have to be lunch tomorrow.

10. Feeling: Elation











Opening the fridge the next day and discovering last night’s leftovers #minifistpump

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