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Not sure what the difference between a Tostada and a Quesadilla? Check out our Mexican Food Guide just in time for a Cinco de Mayo feast!

It’s the country that gave the world chocolate. But we’re not thinking of Switzerland. It’s also the birthplace of the chilli but we’re not referring to India or Indonesia. No, our favourite kind of bean (the cocoa kind), and the spicy little red tornadoes we associate mainly with Asian eating, are both from Mexico.

Most of us think we know about Mexican food. There are nachos and burritos, fajitas and spicy salsa, not to mention the potent margaritas (tequila with lemon or lime juice) that go with them. But these popular treats are more likely to have been developed in the United States, in a version of Mexican cuisine known as Tex Mex. As anyone who’s ever travelled to Mexico will know, there’s a lot more to Mexican eating than cheese, corn chips and sour cream. Check out the Just Eat guide to this colourful cuisine reveals it’s a real fiesta of flavours! 

Top Mexican foods


Tostada Just Eat

Probably the closest thing to an open faced sandwich, Tostada means toasted in Spanish. The tostada has a pretty simple construction, it’s like a taco, but flat. Anything that could go in a taco could also go on a tostada, so you can have fish tostadas, shredded chicken or beef tostadas.



tortilla just eat

A staple with every meal, this soft, round, flat bread is usually made with masa (cornflour dough) but can sometimes be made with wheat flour or coloured corn (blue, for example!).


guacamole Just Eat

A simple and delicious dip made with avocado, finely sliced or grated onion, a hint of chilli, tomato, fresh coriander, lemon and salt.


Empanada Just Eat

South America’s answer to the meat pie, it’s a small pastry filled with minced meat or cheese.


Quesadilla Just Eat

Like a Mexican toastie. Quesadillas are flattened fried wraps filled with delicious cheese.


Tacos Just Eat

Mexican Tacos are soft, made of corn. Common toppings include cilantro and finely diced white onion.


Mole Just Eat

A rich sauce of pounded spices, herbs, seeds, nuts and chillies that’s often served with chicken or turkey. The most famous is mole poblano, which uses bitter chocolate in the base.

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