Last night you witnessed Sandra Murphy being fired from Bill’s boardroom, but what went totally wrong for her?

Here at we felt and still feel that Bill made the wrong the decision. The lads completely ganged up on her! What do you think?

30-year-old Sandra Murphy, manager of the award-winning Rising Tide, was booted out of the competition following the task set up by us at

Both teams were asked to create JustEat TV ads that were creative and fun. Unfortunately the lack of creativity was pretty shocking.

Sandra’s Background:

Born & raised in Cork, Sandra is the youngest of 3 children. Sandra’s restaurant has won a number of culinary awards. Her premises has been recommended by food critic Georgina Campbell and also highly praised by Paulo Tulio. She is keen to grow her own brand and repeat the success of the restaurant in a sister catering company. Sandra is also a member of “Good Food Ireland.”

What do you think? Did Bill get it Right? – You can still cast your votes. Who do you think Bill should fire?